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Terminator Genisys

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Terminator Genisys opens with John Connor (Jason Clarke), leading an army of Resistance fighters in a last stand against Skynet in the ruins of Chicago. While John escapes, Sarah is killed in childbirth by the T-1000 Terminator, leaving Sarah's son, Reese (Jai Courtney), without a mother. When Reese's father, James (James Badge Dale), calls for John's return, John must fight for the future of humanity in the fight for freedom.

Terminator Genisys picked up where the last film left off, when Reese heads back in time to prevent the destruction of Skynet and reunites with his father in 1985. Unfortunately, he soon learns that not everything in the past was as it appeared and a different timeline is created in order to keep Skynet from being rebuilt. This new timeline includes a man named John Connor, who becomes the leader of a resistance army. As John leads the group against a deadly Terminator, Sarah falls into danger herself and becomes the unwilling host to the Terminator.

In this new timeline, John has no idea of what is happening around him and he finds himself on the run from a group of T-1000s in the form of John Connor, who was actually programmed by Skynet before he returned to prevent John from destroying the network. John realizes too late that he's the one with the T-1000 has been trying to protect and is forced to fight his way through a series of complex, suspenseful sequences in order to save Sarah. The film then follows the efforts of Reese and his friends in order to put together a plan that will allow the Resistance to retake control of the city.

Jai Courtney and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both impressive as they play their roles of John and Sarah very well. Although Schwarzenegger's T-1000 seems to be the most imposing, Courtney does an excellent job of playing the part, as he comes across as a real human being rather than just a robotic killing machine. Jason Clarke also does a great job as Reese, portraying a human who is fighting to stay one step ahead of his enemies.

Jason Clarke does a good job as he takes on the role of a reluctant hero, as he is forced to do some great emotional sacrifices. to help save Sarah from certain death, and Reese from certain destruction. In the end, he also makes a big decision, which will change his life and that of his daughter, Reese.

The cast of Terminator Genisys does an excellent job as they bring a unique combination of human emotion to the role of John and Sarah, and Jason Clarke also manages to get a bit of a hero's welcome by using an unusual, yet effective twist on the Terminator franchise. Terminator Genisys is a fantastic action movie that is sure to entertain audiences. Fans of the original movie will enjoy watching Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney again, while newbies may be confused as to why John Connor becomes such a strong hero in this movie. Overall, Terminator Genisys is definitely worth seeing, and it will prove a very entertaining film for fans of the original.

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Duration: 126min

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