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Mad Max: Fury Road

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The Mad Max franchise has been around for a long time now, but it's still one of the most popular of its kind, thanks largely to its amazing visual effects. The films have a great mixture of violence and humour and are extremely entertaining to watch. The first movie was so impressive that it won nine Oscars including Best Picture.

Now the action is much more sophisticated, thanks to the inclusion of more humour and absolute brutality. With Max's wife, Furiosa, in tow, they have a whole new reason to fight the warlord Immortan Joe. Years later, after the destruction of civilisation, the cruel dictator rules over apocalypse survivors in the scorching desert of the Citadel. When the brave warrior Imperator Furiosa(Charlize Theron), an escaped slave, leads the first resistance to the despot's corrupt regime, she forges a bond with the loner Max Rockatansky(Tom Hardy).

Filled with laughs and surprises, Mad Max: Fury Road follows two women on the road to freedom as they journey through the Wastelands, fighting their way through the warring tribes and dangerous desert towns. They meet up with the wild and ruthless Immortan who wants to protect the Wastelands and use them as his personal army. Their alliance takes them across Australia to meet with the water-cure leader Wanda Maximoff. But things get complicated when Wanda ends up joining the warlord's side and Max ends up in prison.

While Max is locked up in the Citadel, Furiosa is forced to help him by driving the War Rig out into the desert. Along the way, the two women fall in love, although they are separated when the War Rig crashes into a sand dune and dies. After burying the body, Max begins to form an intense relationship with the wild and powerful Imperator.

The relationship between Furiosa and Max takes place primarily in the desert, which gives Fury Road a great sense of realism. The two women are separated not only geographically but also because they must constantly fend for themselves on their journey. Despite their different origins, their bond is strong enough to overcome almost any obstacles. They live in makeshift camps and are forced to face the dangers of the open road, which are often full of sand traps and other dangerous situations.

The film takes place in the future, and the setting is very much in keeping with the Mad Max movies that are set in the future. The desert is a real place that look quite realistic thanks to the desertification that has taken place, and there is no way the audience can see the sky or the ocean. Although, there is a glimpse of hope in the form of the occasional glimpse of a glimmering light or a storm in the distance.

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