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The release of Marvel's Ant-Man is a big success and is getting more buzz every day. While the trailer for the movie was a blockbuster, there are still more exciting ways to learn about the film. One thing you may not have known about is the fact that it was shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia.

This movie has a lot of character and comic book elements that can't be seen in the trailer. With the help of modern special effects and lighting, it makes for a visually stunning and sometimes thrilling movie experience.

The superhero genre of action movies has been around since the beginning. One thing we learned from the trailers and posters released so far is that the movie is going to be very entertaining. You don't want to miss out on this and be left in the dark. It's definitely a must see movie for the entire family.

Although the movie is already taking off online, there is still more to learn about the movie Ant-Man. Below is a synopsis of the movie.

You might wonder what makes this superhero genre so popular. Most people are surprised by the amount of buzz it is generating, especially from the Internet. The truth is that movie fans love superheroes. Even if they aren't real, the fun they have always brings a smile to anyone's face.

Another point to consider is that Marvel has cast James B. Stewart as the leading role of Hank Pym. His comedic acting is sure to bring a chuckle every time he is in the screen. It will be interesting to see what kind of supporting cast he brings with him, especially the comic relief.

Many people also haven't been able to wait to see what the movie will have to offer. The online trailer hasn't been shown anywhere but a few people and didn't give anyone any hint as to what the movie will be about. Now, with the newest trailers for the film, more people are going to be able to see what they are missing.

No matter what you think about the movie, it will be an important movie to follow closely. The quality of the movie will determine if it has the potential to become a smash hit in the coming years. It's already starting to happen.

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