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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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The sequel to the huge hit The Amazing Spider-Man continues with the newest web slinger getting ready to face the villain. An excellent start to a terrific series by the visionary and movie-maker, Marc Webb. The follow-up to the first film doesn't disappoint, as the series is also a big seller as well.

A sequel to the 2020 blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man continues with the same web slinger as in the first movie, being Peter Parker a high school student as he embarks on a school year and on an adventure that will test his new found abilities. He'll have to deal with the return of the Green Goblin (Christopher Walken) who is determined to rule the world. A threat to humanity, Green Goblin's (Christopher Walken) intention is to make a place for himself at the top of the heap in a society that places no value on the lives of other human beings. On the basis of the first film, The Amazing Spider-Man has earned positive reviews.

After a brawl with the Green Goblin, Peter Parker returns to his normal life, has defeated the Green Goblin. To his delight, he finds out that his Uncle Ben and Aunt May are still alive. Unfortunately, he's also met Mary Jane Watson (Emma Stone), who had been captured by the Goblin and later rescued by Peter. After trying to get a hold of Peter's Aunt May, Mary Jane and Uncle Ben are later found dead in an abandoned house. Peter has a tough time dealing with this shocking development and so he decides to keep his search for Mary Jane to himself.

In order to clear his mind from the horror, Peter visits his old classmate at school, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). With a mask on his face, Harry tells Peter that he had found the address of Mary Jane, but not where to go to find her. But before he can lead Peter further into his mystery, Harry is killedby Harry's brother, who had become a Green Goblin because of his role in the murder of his brother.

Peter gets to his aunt and uncle's place to get the information that he needs but finds that they're already gone. On his way back to his old school, Peter comes across a building that looks suspiciously like Norman Osborn's place of work. He starts investigating this building and soon discovers that Norman's secret laboratory is there.

Norman's son, Gwen (Laura Harrier), is finally getting ready to take over as the Green Goblin. Being of royal blood, Gwen is most likely going to get all the job positions she has been dreaming of. Now that she has the honor of ruling the land, Gwen tells Norman that he can forget about the life he has lived before now as he will now be spending most of his time working in his laboratory instead of his home.

Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen meet up with Harry's girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, Michelle, to discuss Gwen's plan to take over the world. However, Gwen isn't happy to be seen with Harry again and so starts to argue with her girlfriend. Peter, who has been watching all this, hears what is happening and goes to Harry's lab to stop Gwen from interfering with his work.

Both Mary Jane and Gwen are killed during the fight and the two villains try to escape. To Peter's relief, the fight takes them outside and to a different area, where it's safe. However, Peter soon discovers that the area is covered in webs and his best chance to survive will be to use his web-slinging skills to kill the monster with the body of a spider.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 142min

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