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A new interpretation of The Sleeping Beauty of the Grimm Brothers, staged an original point of view is what we've been given with the start of the Maleficent franchise half a decade ago, franchise named after its classic evil star; the fairy Maleficent turned into a witch who utters the spell of eternal sleep to the young Aurora.

With the focus on the side of evil, the film tells the life of a rather sensitive villain, it's a movie about the origin of someone's evilness, arguing that things are not always what they seem, and that there may be a reason for a soul to act badly, many times it's only a way to reflect grieve and resentment, not that it is trying to justify the terrible actions taken with thirst for revenge, instead it teaches how revenge can be more harmful to ourselves than it is for the people we're trying to take revenge on.

It all starts when in the peaceful Moor the irruption of a human break natural stability. The magical world of fairies is violated by the indecent action of a child who with total impunity steals a stone from the lake. Altered the microcosm where the young Maleficent reigns, and therefore, nothing will ever be the same. The naive eyes of the little thief not only removed part of nature but also part of the heart of the novice fairy (the stone from the lake is a metaphor, you'll see what he really steals, we would not spoil those details for you but at this point everybody has been talking about it for years and there's hardly any surprise in knowing these kinds of details, but in case you haven't heard already and have been living under a rock all this time then, well, stop reading here).

Time passes, love grows and differences emerge. While his goal is the ambitious enterprise of becoming king, hers is the preservation of nature and peace. With the same effort with which the relationship strengthens, the magnitude of future damage is enhanced. He managed to dominate the kingdom but in exchange for delivering the most precious treasure of the fairy: her powerful wings. Mutilated not only from her body but from her identity, every vestige of compassion disappears from her being to transform herself into a soul thirsty for revenge. And this is where the film allows the diversion of the source text to unleash creativity.

Maleficent is a movie that talks about forgiveness; far from pride, the spell uttered on the beautiful princess causes Maleficent to feel guilty, and the problem becomes existential. Dragged by the intense pain of having lost her magical wings, hatred seizes her. "No power on Earth can undo the spell", he said sixteen years ago, when Aurora was a baby. And now it is she herself who fights against her own authority so that the design is not fulfilled.

Just as the purpose of the traditional stories was the dissemination of knowledge that became moral; the teaching transmitted by Maleficent is that true love exists but not in the way we all expect. Perhaps the most intense feeling comes from our most bitter enemy, or from the one of whom we did not take into account just for not knowing how to observe with sufficient maintenance.

This is a story where nothing is what it seems, including the prince's kiss not being the solution. The bad ones are compassionate and the good ones hide something. Women dominate the kingdoms and kings revolt at the supreme power of magic. With the ambiguity that the plot presents, the film becomes interesting from the psychological point of view. Where the personalities of the characters are the engine of a film that runs from the traditional model.

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