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The most exciting aspect of the new movie, Interstellar, is that it is a collaboration between director Christopher Nolan and writer Drew Goddard. The two filmmakers have combined their talents to create a completely original script and this has resulted in a highly entertaining movie.

Before I review the movie, let me start by saying that I did not like the first Interstellar movie that I saw. But I do have to say that this movie was just as entertaining and just as thoughtful as the previous one. I'm sure that everyone will enjoy this movie.

Everyone would agree that our universe is only 12 billion years old. So, if our universe is young, what happened? When our universe first started to expand, it occurred in a period of time called inflation. This is the point at which the universe expanded so rapidly that it started out in an "infinite" space. It then, through a process known as gravity, became a finite space and then finally, we were able to observe its expanding universe.

Therefore, in our universe, time did not exist prior to our universe starting to move from a different time line to ours. And, because our universe is expanding, the rate of expansion is higher now than it was in the past. Therefore, if our universe is younger than our universe began to move, how can we observe it now? And, how can we explain its origin?

There are two major theories that are now used to explain this phenomenon. One theory states that the expansion started when a photon with negative energy was emitted into the universe from a galaxy.

The second theory states that the photon had positive energy and, being part particle, the other particles of the universe then formed the cosmos. Of course, the only way for these particles to come together is if they had negative energy. They then set off the expansion process of the universe. The films, Interstellar and Ex Machina, both use the first theory.

Christopher Nolan, who was an astrophysicist, chose to use the second theory and his film, Interstellar, uses this theory. This theory has an interesting premise. According to this theory, particles in the universe were created, and the term photons is used to represent these particles.

After the particles were created, they travelled and interacted with each other causing them to combine and merge into galaxies, stars, and cosmic strings. The result is what we see when the movie Interstellar is viewed.

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