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One of the Godzilla movies that have become popular worldwide is Godzilla. The American Godzilla series started in 1998 (the first American Godzilla movie was actually released in 56) and so far has only produced a handful of films (including two spinoffs) and a number of TV shows, movies, video games, collectibles, toys, books and other merchandise. Here's a list of everything we know about the Japanese Godzilla.

Godzilla (Godzilla Toriyama) is the King of the Monsters (which is where he gets his name) and a former marine scientist who became the King of the Monsters after accidentally absorbing the souls of many other dead scientists and monsters. He uses a giant robot called Godzilla to protect Japan from the monsters and the humans who hate him. Godzilla is a very protective and powerful being, which explains why he protects mankind. He can also fly, although he prefers to stay on land. Godzilla battles and destroys other large sea monsters like the Jeju Kongo and the Godzilla (which are calling Godzilla Toriyama in the Japanese version).

In the Godzilla films, Godzilla fights other giant creatures such as the Rodgan, Toho Godzilla and other Godzilla like monsters. The climax of the movies sees Godzilla banishing all the evil monster monsters from Japan, but he has to save the Earth from destruction as well. In the Japanese version, Godzilla will fly to Alaska, USA and protect the Earth from Godzilla. Godzilla vs. Dragonoid (Godzilla vs. Dragonoid) is the second Godzilla movie in the series and the third of the Godzilla OVA (also known as Godzilla On Air). This OVA was made by Toho, the company which produced the Godzilla movies.

In Godzilla vs. mothra, Godzilla battles and defeats the legendary insectoid Mothra. After the battle, Godzilla flies to an airplane where he meets Godzilla Junior, the newest son of Godzilla. Godzilla junior transforms into a giant monster, which Godzilla battles and defeats again. It is here that Godzilla meets his daughter Godzilla as she tries to get into an airplane carrying him. In the English version, Godzilla informs Mothra that he will protect her; however in the Japanese version, Godzilla tells her to look out as he jumps on the plane and Momoka hears her mother's plea and allows him to board the airplane.

When Godzilla arrives, Mothra tries to shoot him with her tail, but she fails, so she resorts to using her giant monster breath which proves to be useless too as Godzilla states that he will take her to heaven just before she can kill him. Godzilla then proceeds to attack and destroy Mothra's fortress, finally reaching her in her final palace which is underground. Godzilla then proceeds to crush the structure and take her to safety where he tells her he will return someday (in Godzilla vs. mothra).

Godzilla vs. Mothra is the sequel to the classic Godzilla film. Godzilla makes a cameo as well, where he is seen holding the pearl encrusted head of the queen of snakes in one of the trailers for the movie. Godzilla has not been seen in any of the Godzilla films since Godzilla: King of the Monsters, where he was just another giant monster to be defeated by an up-and-coming hero. In terms of his appearances in the Godzilla films after this, there are no concrete details available.

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