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Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures present their new super production of warlike and drama, directed by David Yesterday; and produced by the Quartet Bill Block, Alex Ott, John Lesher, and Ethan Smith.

The film was released on October 17, 2014, for the United States of America, and has a duration of one hundred and thirty-four minutes, the film is starring the first actor and renowned Hollywood star, Brad Pitt, and they accompany the American actor, Shia LaBeouf; the Mexican, Michael Peña; Logan Wade Leman; Jon Bernthal; Scott Eastwood; Jason Isaacs; Xavier Samuel; Brad William, among others.

The story takes place in 1945, during the last months of the World War II, in which the Allies hit their last blows on the European continent; a feared and veteran sergeant of the armored infantry of the United States of America called Don Collier nicknamed "Wardaddy"; He commands a platoon aboard the Sherman tank model M4A3E8 which he has called "Fury".

Collier and his platoon are a very united group; all except the rookie Norman Ellison (Logan Wade Leman) who replaces the late Red gunner, have been together since the beginning of the war and the North African campaign dating back to 1940.

All members of the platoon belittle rookie Ellison for being an inexperienced typist and for not having the hot blood to kill the Nazi soldiers they find on their way; that same fear and indecision lead to the death of fellow troops and the destruction of artillery.

Lieutenant Wardaddy is tired of the young rookie babysitters and asks to kill a newly captured Nazi war prisoner; but Norman refuses, Collier bursts out of rage and takes a stir and wields it in the rookie's hand forcing him to shoot and take the prisoner's life.

But everything changes when the platoon commanded by veteran lieutenant Collier takes a small German population in search of Nazi soldiers; Ellison and Wardaddy patrol the buildings in the area, enter a house where they meet two young women, Irma and Emma, ​​who decide not to kill, Don asks them for a pot with hot water and offers six eggs for cooking and eat.

Wardadddy decides to clean up a little while the young Germans prepare the food; the rookie, on the other hand, begins to play an old piano that is in the house, and next to her Emma sings a beautiful melody; Wardaddy watches them calmly; but the lieutenant gets up and takes Irma behind closed doors of the room; after the sex session they sit at the table; but they are interrupted by the rest of the troops who are drunk and disrespect the young Germans causing discomfort between them, the rookie and Wardaddy.

At that time a surprise German bombing falls on what is left of the town, many people die, including the German Emma and Irma, American soldiers lose their lives without reason; the situation causes Norman to start losing fear and wants to annihilate his adversaries; the news that German soldiers withdraw and burn everything they see in their wake reaches the ears of Wardaddy and his men.

It is vitally important to protect an intersection that will allow the passage of a loaded train provisions; for this, a group of four Sherman tanks led by Wardaddy and his powerful Fury are heading there; on the way they are ambushed by German artillery and their Tiger tanks, which flies one of Sherman's gunshots.

Don “Wardaddy” Collier must demonstrate all his experience and seniority in the face of his enemies and even more at a disadvantage in the face of the powerful 88 mm German shells and the robust armor of his machines.

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Genres: Action , Drama , War

Duration: 135min

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