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Big Hero 6

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"Big Hero Six: The Movie" takes place before the events of the animated series "Big Hero Six". It continues the adventures of fourteen-year-old tech genius Hiro Hamada and his friends. He also joins his friends, such as Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Baymax and Fred, who are joined by their new friends, the playful robot Baymax and his faithful human companion Hiro.

Hiro is known for his abilities, but as he gets older he discovers that he has a great deal more to learn. He encounters various challenges in his life, from his educational duties and social interactions with his friends. In the beginning of this film, Hiro is given the task of taking care of his brother and sister, who are both very young. His responsibilities may be overwhelming, but he finds joy in teaching his brother and providing his sister with the happiness she needs.

One day, Hiro receives an invitation from Wasabiau (Takao Okamoto). While he initially doesn't want to go on his trip, Hiro decides that he must accept and he soon learns that wasabi and his friends were all invited to a party that was being thrown by his cousin, Shingo (Kentaro Okiayu). Hiro, Baymax, Wasabiau and Fred are shocked when Shingo reveals that he has developed a video game that is going to be called "Space Invaders" in honor of the movie that inspired it. When the game begins, Hiro, Baymax and Wasabiau are trapped in a maze and Hiro has to help them escape.

Hiro, along with Baymax, Fred and Shingo work together to help save the environment and find a way out. As the group makes progress, they run into enemies who are much larger than themselves, so Hiro gets himself a powerful robot, called Baymax. and is able to defeat these invaders. In the end, Hiro reunites with his family and friends and becomes a superhero.

This film will air in theaters in the United States on the Sony Pictures Television network (Sony Pictures Entertainment). This is the second part in a trilogy of Big Hero Six movies. The other two films, "The Incredibles"The Spiderman: Homecoming" have received positive reviews and have been extremely successful at the box office. In addition, the television show has become very popular. The series finale of "The Incredibles" aired on ABC last season and was watched by a record number of households.

"The Movie" follows the story of how Hiro finds his way to Tokyo, where he is placed into the world of Big Hero Six. He meets his friends and learns new skills, such as using technology and battling with monsters. Hiro uses his newly acquired technology in order to help his friends and get the help he needs from the powers of Mother Nature. He also teams up with Baymax, a robot that works as his best friend. and new battles villains that have entered into his life.

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Duration: 102min

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