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Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden

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Starring Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Foxx, Seth Rogen, John Cusack, Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, and Anthony Mackie, the Seal Team Six movie has an excellent cast, a good script, and a real scope of action. The first Seal Team Six movie gave us an insight into what SEAL Team Six was, and some good training. I liked this movie, but I felt it was a little short on the actual SEAL Team Six storyline.

In this movie, the Navy SEALS are asked to participate in an operation that could help to resolve the conflict between the rebels in Nicaragua, and the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The CIA has learned of a plan to assassinate a Nicaraguan leader and a group of US Embassy personnel. The mission is meant to disrupt the government's plans for the national elections.

On the mission, the SEALs are being set up to act as the attack force. The rebels are split into four teams and each team will be responsible for killing an individual US Military employee. Each member of the team will also be assigned a hostage to eliminate. As the teams are set up, they wait for the order to attack.

One team will begin to set up a sniper nest. The leader of this team is forced to kill a fellow team member, and then he and his teammates are ambushed. A small rescue team from SEAL Team Six is then sent to finish off the surviving members of the attack team. The last team from SEAL Team Six is then asked to rescue the other team members.

This movie sets up a few issues that I believe could be used to show us how successful a group of military-trained operators can be when working together as a team. The first is when the last team member gets to be rescued and instead of freeing them, the rescue team fires their weapon, killing the rescue team member. The other issue is when the last team member escapes and attempts to kill one of the SEALs.

The second issue is when the SEAL that is forced to kill the first team member had to be sent out to find another member of the team that had survived the ambush. He goes out to get the other one and he finds them both dead with their weapons still in their hands. He decides that they must be spies and so, as a reward, he decides to execute the other team members who were not on the ambush team.

The third issue is when SEAL Team Six travels to a country called El Salvador to assassinate the dictator there. On the way there, the movie cuts away to a flashback of an older and young Michael Corleone. It is here that we meet the main character from the movie and I felt that the movie cuts away too quickly and did not give us enough information to really get involved in the story.

Overall, this movie is well made and is entertaining to watch, but I found it lacking in depth and some of the twists that it seems that most online critics tend to fall back on. I felt that there was just too much going on and not enough time spent focusing on the story that is the crux of the film. There were several important themes that were left unexplained and I feel that if you are interested in getting deeper into the story of SEAL Team Six, this movie is not for you.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 90min

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