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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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"Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" is a sequel to the much-admired first movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The first movie was directed by Abel Ferrara, who also wrote the screenplay.

This movie is set in a fictionalized version of the Hawaiian Islands, which is also known as Paradise Island. It was actually filmed in Hawaii, but this time it has been changed into an animated film, since the director didn't have the necessary money to make a fully-fledged one. It also holds the record for being the first movie in history to be made in the digital format. To have more space, scenes were cut together.

The first movie of the series had been successful, so a sequel was also made. The plot of the second movie is the same as the first, with the sole difference that now the plot line revolves around different characters. These movies have been well received in most countries in the world, except for certain countries like Japan, where they were not popular at all. The first movie of the series has won several awards and has become very popular. Even though the first movie of the series hasn't done any home media releases, there are still quite a number of home video releases in a wide range of price ranges.

As we already said, these movies are not local to Japan, because they have been exported to other countries in the world. One can purchase the DVD version in almost all countries worldwide, except for some of the Asian countries like China and Thailand. Due to its popularity in the other countries, Japan has only made a few of the previously available home video releases.

The first movie of the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" series was hugely popular because it is one of the best-selling movies ever made in the entire world. The second movie in the series, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island", on the other hand, only managed to sell about one million copies in Japan alone. It has been sold in foreign countries like the Philippines, United States, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, Greece, Brazil, Hungary, and other countries that were not in its original target market.

While the series is a surprise hit among the movie fans of the country, it has failed to gain any recognition in the international market. This is true of both the first and the second movie of the series. In both of the movies, the storyline hasn't been altered much from the first movie, although there were some slight differences in the scenes. There were a lot of significant differences between the first and the second movie.

On the contrary, the third and fourth movies in the series are much more successful. They were not only well-received in Japan, but also in the different foreign countries. Although the series was a success, it didn't really satisfy the critics, with a lot of critics saying that the movie was just average.

Because of its success in Japan, a lot of animated movies based on other famous novels of the serie have been made. A number of sequels have been made as well, like "The Mysterious Island 2", "The Mysterious Island - The Return", "The Mysterious Island - The Rematch", "The Mysterious Island 2.5", "The Mysterious Island: The Ultimatum", "The Mysterious Island - The Captive", "The Mysterious Island - The Redemption", "The Mysterious Island - The Last Mission", "The Mysterious Island - The Invasion", "The Mysterious Island - The Final Mission", "The Mysterious Island - The Rescuing", "The Mysterious Island - The Secrets", "The Mysterious Island - The End", "The Mysterious Island - The Whistleblower", "The Mysterious Island - The Season Finale", "The Mysterious Island - The Beyond", "The Mysterious Island - The Son", "The Mysterious Island Chronicles - Return of the MysteriousIsland", "The Mysterious Island Chronicles - The Origins", "The Island Chronicles - The Return of the Mysterious Island", "The Island Chronicles - The Shifting Sands"The Island Chronicles - The Destination". Mystery movie "The Mystery of the Ancient Island" was created as a part of a new series.

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