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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

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Ghost Protocol is an action thriller starring Tom Cruise and Gary Oldman. It is an exciting, fast paced and well-structured movie that tries to tell the story of an English operative of a clandestine organization during the Cold War. The story takes place in early 1980s in London, it is a time when the plot was starting to unfold against the Soviet Union, which became an agent of the CIA, but he ends up falling under the terrorist groups' control.

The film adaptation of the book Ghost Protocol by Robert Mark Kamen, portrays the complex and gritty world that are in the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, making it look lively and exciting. The opening scene can be found in this film, where Ethan Hunt (Cruise) goes to a deserted train station that is located near the United Kingdom.

He happens to meet his daughter, played by Rooney Mara, who is hiding in the night life in a window. The two of them are staying in England and they are both secret agents. They have each other's contact information and Ethan, when he learns that she is his daughter, decides to come home. However, he is caught by other people, including his former partners and they try to take him to their own places, while his handler, John Keating (Oldman), and some KGB men try to get him for their own use.

In this official mission, Ethan Hunt has to take care of three simple things; get some food, refresh himself and sort out his daughter. This mission is especially exciting as it will be his first official mission after serving his term as a spy. He has to get some information that will help his father move forward with his business.

His daughter has become very important to him and Ethan wants to be there for her when she needs him. During this mission, Ethan also has to rescue Keating, and then steal something from theKGB's de-facto leader, General Bekov, but first, he needs to make it through this mission alive. When Ethan fails to get the food and refresh himself he is spotted by many people.

After Ethan is arrested and taken to the KGB headquarters, Old Man Keating finds Ethan and kills the terrorists, although Ethan gets wounded. Then Old Man Keating becomes a member of the Ghost Protocol to find the mysterious group that is behind all these threats. After Old Man Keating gets some information about the Ghost Protocol, Ethan realizes that they are the only ones who can actually stop the terrorist groups and save his father.

Meanwhile, Old Man Keating gets on to Ethan in order to keep him from becoming another victim. Ethan feels sorry to Old Man Keating and starts to respect him.

The online movie critics seem to be very satisfied with the film Ghost Protocol. Some of them will even say that it is not their favorite of the Mission: Impossible movies. But some of them will comment that it is the best Mission: Impossible movie in their opinion.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Thriller

Duration: 133min

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