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If you ever watched the popular, Real Person Series of the same name, then you know what a genius Brett Ratner is. He wrote and directed this exciting and powerful flick called Contagion. It has everything a crowd-pleasing flick can have - a fast pace that's not to be experienced by everyone but won't be for everyone.

A virus from another planet invades our world and spreads like wildfire, causing infections all over the country, infecting patients with inexplicable symptoms. There is one infected patient, and there are many. To make matters worse, doctors who are trying to treat patients find out that they are in danger of dying because the causes of their deaths have yet to be identified.

John Connelly, a Department of Defense inspector, is assigned to review the mysterious case of an infected patient. Before his investigation is due to reach a conclusion, a new case comes up and he's sent on a crash course in the infernal arts of science fiction filmmaking. Meanwhile, at the CDC, officials begin to suspect that Connelly may be dealing with an AIDS-like infection as well. The investigation takes the investigation to the other side of the world, where Connelly is reunited with his old mentor, a British doctor, to help him find the roots of the epidemic and stop it before it even begins.

The cause of the disease still eludes scientists, with AIDS being the only diagnosed illness caused by Sickle Cell Anemia, the same virus that made the outbreak possible. As they continue their investigation into the viral origins of the disease, Connelly and his team are confronted with new twists on the past that seem to point to something far more sinister than people with the flu. Using the power of an ancient code that unlocks the true secrets of death, Connelly learns what really went down and perhaps finally gets to the root of the problem - or a problem which he could very well solve.

However, Dr. Anne Webster Murphy (Amy Adams) is not Connelly's only real-life inspiration, nor is she the only nurse in the film to whom he may want to turn for answers. His wife has a similar background, and she has a much more ambitious, possibly even more difficult road ahead of her to solve the mystery of how the virus got into the country in the first place.

If you are a fan of the movie and want to experience it like a true fan, you can actually view it online. All you need is an internet connection, an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and the movie Contagion and you're set.

The movie is also available in a two-disc Blu-ray package. The two discs contain both the standard uncut version of the movie and the special feature documentary called "Enter Contagion". Not only does the documentary give a great insight into what the movie was like from the writers, directors and producers point of view, but it is also the latest installment in the "Movie 101" series.

If you are interested in seeing the movie but don't want to actually have it in front of you, you will be glad to know that it is also available on iTunes. It is so easy to download that anyone can enjoy it and watch it any time they want, without ever having to watch it in the comfort of your own home. This feature makes it the perfect choice for a movie night.

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