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23-F: la película

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Warner Bros presents a cinematographic work based on the social events that occurred in Spain during the twenty-third of February of nineteen eighty-one; directed by the Spanish Chema de la Peña, and produced by the brothers Ignacio and Gonzalo Salazar Simpson; the artistic direction was in charge of Anton Laguna, and the adaptation of the script was the responsibility of Joaquín Andújar.

The acting cast is composed by, Paco Tous as Antonio Trejo; Fernando Cayo as King Juan Carlos I, Juan Diego as Alfonso Armada, Mariano Venancio as Sabino Fernández Campo, Luis Marco as Jaime Milans del Bosh, Gines García Millán as Adolfo Suarez, Luis Zahera as Jesús Muñecas Aguilar, Pedro Casablanca as Eduardo Fuentes, Luis Callejo as Santiago Vecino, Joan Pera as Santiago Carrillo, Pedro Ochoa as Alfonso Guerra, José Manuel Seda as Felipe González, Juan Calot as Leopoldo Calvo Soteldo, Olga Lozano as Queen Sofia of Spain, Luis Moreno as Felipe, Prince of Asturias; Clara Álvarez as the Infanta Cristina de Borbón and Greece, Cristina Álvarez as the Infanta Elena de Borbón and Greece, Juanma Lara as Juan García Carres, Manolo Soto as Fernando Castedo, and Aitor Mazo as Ricardo Pardo Zancada.

This tape, as its title indicates, deals with the failed attempt of a coup by the military forces of Spain to defeat the government in office and begins with the assault perpetrated by the Civil Guard to the Spanish parliament, the coup forces were commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero.

The irruption of the commander of the Civil Guard occurred in the midst of the president's winning candidate Leopoldo Calvo Soteldo, representative of the Union Democratic Center political party; within the enclosure a significant number of political personalities, among which were deputies and senators.

These reckless actions shook the foundations of a democracy that was just beginning to go its way; within the country there were two sides, the coup leaders and the monarchy headed by King Juan Carlos I; who tried to negotiate with Tejero and his accomplices, and at the same time convinced the military high command not to allow a major uprising containing the base troops and soldiers.

The King's only option is to organize the civil forces, that is, the police; to try to stop the hard blow that is intended to give democracy in that country.

The discomfort within the armed forces was general and at all levels; after the actions of Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero; the next to rising would be Captain-General Jaime Milans del Bosh, commander and chief of the Third Military Region in the province of Valencia; Milans took the city completely deploying all the motorized force and strategically placing tanks and armored attack vehicles.

While the city of Valencia and Madrid were declared in a state of emergency, General Alfonso Armada, who had recently been appointed as Second Chief of the General Staff of the Army and Security; who, on the other hand, was the trusted man of King Juan Carlos I, orchestrated the final thrust of the coup from the very heart of the government.

Unlike his comrades in arms, General Alfonso Armada had an almost perfect plan and adapted to the situation, his intention was to plan a peaceful solution, since there was no need to regret any loss; Nor did he want to end the Monarchy, much less democracy, his approach was simple and forceful; as a high-ranking officer within the armed forces, he enjoyed the respect and admiration of his components.

He wanted to convince King Juan Carlos I to implement a transition and commitment government to calm the situation within the Spanish armed forces, and who else but him to take the mission; that way he would gain total control of the government and the coup would have been a success.

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Genres: Drama , History

Duration: 105min

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