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A spectacular work by maestro Christopher Nolan, who was a writer, director and producer, who that section had the collaboration of Emma Thomas; This film was released in the United States of America on July 8, two thousand and ten, arrived on the big screen by Warner Bros Pictures, and managed to collect more than eight hundred and thirty million dollars at the box office.

This famous film was awarded multiple prizes in various events, as proof of this we can mention its eight nominations in the Academy Awards Oscar, making winner in four of them; in the same way in the BAFTA awards in which he obtained nine nominations raising three statuettes; In the 15 Satellite Awards she was nominated in eleven categories, won three of them; in the Golden Globe awards I don't win, but was nominated four times.

The story, the plot, and the performance of its protagonists was key to the resounding success of the film, but without a doubt the technical aspects take much of the credit; photography, visual effects and musicalization were fundamental pillars, the harmonic composition of these three elements make this film one of the best in its kind.

Inception has a first-class acting cast, beginning with its protagonists, the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, the experienced British Michael Caine, the first French actress and composer Marion Cotillard, the young Canadian Ellen Paige, the American Joseph Gordon-Levitt, British actor Tom Hardy, among others.

This film is about a group of unconventional thieves, who enter your mind through dreams and manage to extract secret information that only the victim knows, projects, bank details, secrets, any important data that has value for another person or that serves to extortion and blackmail.

This is achieved using a make-up that supplies a powerful sleeping pill to the victims which leads them to a deep state of relaxation that does not allow them to differentiate if they are dreaming or is part of reality, that is where the skillful thieves manipulate the mind at pleasure of the victims designing favorable situations within the dream and seizing what they are looking for.

But there are always exceptions to the rule, and this case does not escape it; Dom is hired by the multinational engineering company called COBOL, which needs to know the expansion plans of its competitor PROCLUS GLOBAL, these plans are only known by its powerful director, the Asian Saito.

During the operation Mr. Saito realizes that he is being the victim of a robbery, I have immediately awakened, causing the expert Dom Cobb to fail, he manages to flee, but a member of his team named Nash is captured; to protect himself, he reveals the location of the equipment; but incredibly the Japanese businessman looks for him to propose a new job.

Dom is a criminal wanted by the American justice, who cannot step on American soil because he would be arrested and put behind bars, that has prevented him from being with his children.

Mr. Saito intelligently proposes to Cobb to remove all his background from the American police and judicial system in exchange for a mission; it is no longer about stealing an idea, but about planting a thought in the mind of the son of a powerful businessman named Robert Fischer.

It is an almost impossible job, but for Dom the reward is very tempting, he would have the possibility of reuniting with his family and reuniting with his children. Finally he accepts, but first he must recruit a new team that allows him to complete this difficult mission.

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