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"Twilight" is the second movie from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It was released in late November 2020. The story of the movie is about a young vampire and her relationship with her best friend, who happens to be the vampire's sister. It was directed by David Greenwalt and written by Mike Dringenberg.

If you are a fan of the book, this movie has many important facts about the world of the vampires. It also gives us a special plot that you will surely enjoy. First of all, we have to know what vampires are. They are described as the immortal beings that feed on human blood. They are very thin, usually pale white in color and they are extremely ugly.

One day when Bella is having a nature class at school, she saw a shadow running around. When she looked closely, she saw the shadow was actually the vampire, Edward Cullen. After Bella was fascinated by his beauty, she ran away from him. Later on, she met up with him, but because he turned her into a vampire, he had forgotten everything about her and he was lost for words.

The movie series has seven movies. There are three sequels to the first Twilight movie. The first one is named "Twilight" the second one is "Beginnings" and the third one is "New Moon". In the sequel, Bella sees the first sign of the curse that started in the previous movie, in the beginning of the movie. In the fifth movie, the character Edward, who fell for Bella before, died in an accident but he is still alive.

After the series of movies, the book series "Twilight" was adapted in a drama series on MTV. This series became quite popular in the US and its popularity also reached the other countries such as Canada and Australia. While filming the "Twilight" movie, the writers had to cut some scenes and the producers were also troubled by many problems. During the production of the "Twilight" movie, there was only one major problem, but it is a very well-known problem.

Many actresses auditioned for the role of Bella and many fans were also looking for the right actress to play the part of Bella. The actress, who was in favor to play the role of Bella was Ella Kennedy, while the actress that was not in favor to play the role of Bella was Anastasia Steele. The decision was made to cast Morgan Lee as the role of Bella. However, it was not until after the movie was released that it was realized that Morgan Lee would be the wrong choice.

Another problem that was included in the "Twilight" movie was Nicole Cole, the special effects director. She tried to improve the appearance of the vampires to make them look real and realistic. One example of this is, that the CGI vampires did not have a mouth. Some fans were not too happy about this aspect and some also considered it as negative. However, this problem could be fixed by just making a few tweaks in the film.

Overall, the movie was really entertaining. It was based on a well-written book that attracted a lot of viewers. This is a very popular movie, even today.

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Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Romance

Duration: 122min

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