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Barbie and the Diamond Castle

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The most famous thing about the movie, which was a musical, is of course, the alluring title. And if you love to dance, the show's theme song would make you dance, to the tune of "Bad Romance". However, what many people did not know when they were watching the movie, and which is really surprising for some, is that the television show is not an adaptation of the Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. While some viewers would think the two movies are very similar, it is actually not.

The show is based on the animated series, which is actually a spin-off of the famous Disney serie. The actor who plays in the show is simply an actor who portrays the main character. Although many believe that the same actors are portraying the roles, it is actually not the case.

In order to become popular, the series had to be made into a musical. But that's not the only way in which the story of the Seria and the Empress Barbie was adapted.

The protagonist Seria and her friends (which include Belinda, the princess, and a monkey) are actually inspired by the characters from the serie. After all, how else can they get involved in the adventure if they were not influenced by the background story? With that in mind, it becomes easy to understand why the kids in the show looked so much like their Disney counterparts.

The movie took place in an imaginary palace, which was the lotus flower as depicted in the serie. The jungle theme that is prevalent in the series is also present in the show. The villains, who played a huge role in the serie, are also present in the movie.

The seria and the empress to visit the palace to deal with the evil forces there. After that, they have an animated musical number, which, obviously, would allow for many to be confused as to whether the characters were actually performing or if they were just acting.

The main point is that while the character of the princess was not changed much, the plot, while keeping, is very different from the original. Therefore, it would be understandable if many people didn't believe the people who described the show as an adaptation of the movie.

In fact, the ending of the seria and the empress is even different from the original, which would not be so easy to comprehend. So, while some may see the show as an adaptation of the movie, it is actually something different.

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Genres: Animation , Family

Duration: 78min

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