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Live Free or Die Hard

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Following the success of the Die Hard series, a sequel was then decided to be created. The first installment, starring Bruce Willis was distributed by Universal Pictures. The sequel, called Live Free or Die Hard, which is a huge hit at the box office was also released in 1997. The sequel was the first to be co-directed by John McTiernan.

The movie was a remake of the original movie with a new story and characters. Unlike the original film where the character of John McClane is played by another actor, the new movie has John himself playing the role of McClane. This time around, he was played by the late, beloved actor, Bruce Willis. What makes this movie different from the earlier ones is that it was not made in the year 2020. Instead, it was made in 1992.

In keeping with the theme of the movie, it is a story about John McClane, who is trapped in an office building by a bomb threat. His only escape is to find out where the bomb is kept. He has to use his skills in one way or another to rescue all of his people. The movie starts with John McClane escaping from his office building in New York.

After escaping from the building, he bumps into his ex-wife, who is giving a news report on a hostage situation in New York City. They encounter a big explosion and John has to get out of the office building as soon as possible. However, before that happens, he needs to find out the location of the bomb before it explodes.

John then finds the bomb in the elevator shafts of the building where he works. On the other hand, a giant explosion happens on a bus in Manhattan. McClane then realizes that the bomb placed in the elevator shafts must have gone off. It was not a big explosion, just the bomb's trigger.

John and his colleagues find an elevator that goes to the ninth floor of the building. Once they reach it, they come across more of the terrorists. John has to get down from the elevator, and McClane is the only one who is still able to go down. He has to save his friend, Holly, who has been captured by the terrorists. John jumps down to the ground, and McClane comes up, knocking out the terrorists.

Once they have taken down the terrorists, McClane fights with one of them until they are both rendered unconscious. Holly manages to get through the same building, and John saves her. Meanwhile, McClane fights one of the terrorists, and then McClane and Holly go to another location, where they find a gun and ammunition. Then they find another group of terrorists.

John fights with them, and then there is gunfire and John runs for cover and eventually finds Holly, who has been kidnapped. He has to rescue her, and has to fight his way out of the building. At this point, he needs to find a safe place to stay until the police arrive. Unfortunately, the building is rigged with explosives, so he can't get far until the police arrive.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 128min

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