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Cars is one of the films that has been part of the lives of many children, as  a symbol of leadership, friendship and loyalty. That is why this film has won the hearts of many and has passed from generation to generation.

This film is of North American origin is classified in the genre of adventure, comedy, fantasy and is directed especially for children from 6 years of age, however it can be seen by the largest to the smallest children at home. It was made on a computer as it was an animated movie.

Cars was released on the big screen in the month of June of the year 2006 in a great variety of countries, places in which it stood out for its scenes full of emotion, adventure and friendship. Equally one of the characteristics that proves to be one of the best films in the film industry, is the animated quality of each one of the characters.

The company responsible for bringing to life an endless number of cars that speak and live in a big city, with a unique personality and act as if they were human, is the renowned producer Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures responsible for launching this great project .

It was directed and co-written by the renowned animator and film director John Lasseter of American nationality, he is also a founding member of the Pixar animated film producer, in this place he is responsible for reviewing all the films. He has stood out under his belt of films such as: The young Shelock Holmes, The Little Brave Toaster, Beauty and the Beast, Porco Rosso, Toy Story, Bugs: a miniature adventure and Story 2.

Cars featured great artists who provided their voice for the dubbing of this screening in which you can highlight the film actor, screenwriter and humorist born in the United States Wilson Owen who began in the world of cinema with the winning Zoolander and Sganghai Noon films of an Oscar, for this opportunity he gave life to the character named McQueen.

It also highlights the voice of actress Lynn Hunt, who played Sally Carrera. Bonnie is a television presenter who was born in Chicago of North American nationality, acted in films such as: Beethoven, Dave, Only You, Now and Then, Jumanji among others. Another of the renowned actors have producer and director Paul Newman, who plays Dc Hudson Hornet of American nationality. Newman was winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe award.

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