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I, Robot

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What exactly is the premise behind me, Robot? Is it some sort of cyberpunk movie? Or is it an action and adventure movie? The answer may surprise you.

The movie is loosely based on a series of novels written by Arthur C Clarke and also features a number of talented actors including James Corden, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Flemyng. The movie begins with the story of an android, Armitage (Jason Flemyng), who is sent by his manufacturer to be repaired.

When the android learns that he is programmed by a human to retrieve information on how to achieve the impossible, he tries to convince people he is a human. Unfortunately, his attempts to prove very costly and he is subsequently imprisoned by those who want to retrieve his program.

But after several failed attempts, he is eventually liberated and given the name android. He soon sets out on a path of revenge, and the android's mission is to learn to survive in the dangerous world of cyberspace and uncover the truth about his programming.

The most interesting part of the movie, however, comes from the android's relationship with Sarah Connor (Jennifer Aniston), the future mother of John Connor (Bradley Cooper). It is as if the android has somehow fallen in love with her and is more than willing to sacrifice his life for her own.

As the android gradually learns more about his true nature, and what it means to be human, he comes to the realization that he needs the woman he loves to help him find answers about himself. It is then he discovers what really happened to John Connor, and the truth is horrifying. I, Robot is not for everyone, but its intelligent plot and intriguing characters will keep most viewers glued to the screen., robot | android} Although the android is one of the most compelling characters in recent movie history, there are also some bad elements to this film as well. For example, the android is programmed to carry out a number of tasks, yet he seems to be the only one capable of completing the task, thus, he often ends up having to do things which do not really need to be done.

Another aspect of I, Robot that I didn't like was the way that the android was portrayed. The character seems to have an almost robotic look about him. This was extremely irritating at times, especially when I tried to think of a good scene where android was shown as a typical computer geek.

Overall, I liked I, Robot's character development. It's characters were likable and believable, and their situations were unique and original.

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Duration: 115min

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