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Howl's Moving Castle

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A Howl's Moving Castle fan must have heard of the animated television series. So how do you follow up the success of a TV show? Well, with a movie adaptation of the first book of the series.

A Howl's Moving Castle is adapted from Lev Grossman's book, which in turn was based on the famous and award winning Twilight Saga. The second book in the series, entitled Gentleman Bastard followed shortly after and Grossman has been working on a third book about the 'war against royalty' which he says, will be "huge."

Moviemakers from all over the world have joined forces to produce the film. It is expected to make a considerable amount of money at the box office so it is not surprising that a number of foreign production companies have come forward to be involved in the project.

It is hoped that this movie will give a fresh alternative to the fantasy-based movie like Twilight or Harry Potter and keep children entertained for quite some time. For the next few weeks, we are going to see The World of Morgan le Fay and The Wolf of Wall Street at the box office which could give some indication of how successful the film is going to be.

Moviemakers are hoping to make millions off the film but this depends on whether it can please the critics and get a huge audience. The producers of Howl's Moving Castle have done everything to ensure that their movie does not disappoint. They have also collaborated with a number of successful book authors to ensure that they cover all the elements of the book.

And with the likes of Stephenie Meyer and David Eddings taking part in the book, the chances of a book based movie making huge money is highly likely. It is possible that there could be some unique twists on the story that will excite both fans and the critics.

Moviemakers have been anxious to get the movie into the public's mind in order to ensure that its popularity will grow even further. Howl's Moving Castle will be shown internationally but it is hoped that the fan base in the UK will be strong enough to prevent it becoming a commercial failure. It is also hoped that the book will inspire more young women to read as they grow up.

This movie seems set to cause controversy but it is hoped that it will be better received on the big screen. We shall just have to wait and see if this movie manages to become a mega-hit and have audiences talking about it for years to come.

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