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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Everyone wants to know how the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets can be a good one. With the movie in cinemas, there has been some doubt about how good the show will turn out. We are going to reveal how a fast paced story can be good, if it is correctly handled.

Let's start with the movie itself. While the DVD cover does look good, it doesn't tell the whole story. Many viewers who have seen the movie are disappointed by its pacing and plot. It seems that the film makers did not put enough thought into the story and so they had to cut out important scenes and plot twists that would have better explained the plot.

The movie's pacing is also a problem in that it feels very rushed. Many of the moments are split up with a number of other scenes of less importance. Some scenes were introduced with the children and quickly disappeared into other scenes, which could have been done with some thought.

One thing we found to be better about the novel was the writing. All the pages in the book were lovingly written by Rowling. I always found the scenes of Harry being very anxious to learn how to turn the spells correctly to be the most interesting ones, with some of the subsequent scenes being more or less a repetition of the book. In the book, the little boy's discovery of the magical words made an impact on the whole story of the wizarding world.

However, many people who have read the online novel are complaining that the scenes are chopped off and replaced with extended scenes from the movies. The online book basically gives no explanation of what is happening to Harry throughout the entire story, leaving him to discover things by himself. This can be a problem, as it leaves many readers feeling confused.

The movie also shows too much of Harry, instead of leaving him to discover his own adventures. The film does this rather badly, where the scenes in the book seem to be more interesting than those in the movie. In the movie, Harry is often seen strolling through some of the scenes rather than exploring the locations around him.

I cannot help but think that the makers of the film really wanted to have a big fight between two wizards to grab the audience's attention, but did not understand how to do it. Instead, they showed the three main characters all fighting a few times. In the book, the fight between Harry, Hagrid and Dumbledore takes place a few times, with the battle in the Death Chamber being quite big.

Overall, it was a great way to introduce the audience to Harry and his friends, especially if you like Harry Potter. However, some people may find that the story was rushed and lacking in atmosphere.

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Genres: Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 161min

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