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The Gladiator is based on the life of a Greek soldier. In the movie, he's a gladiator in the Roman army and is abused by his commanding officer. A small group of civilians decide to rebel against the Romans so that they can free the Greek slaves.

The movie starts out with the scenes of the gladiators fighting one another. The main character, also called Gladiator, is based on the ancient Greek warrior. He was later called Julius Caesar because he was Caesar's personal gladiator. When he's given orders by Caesar, he kills the opponents with ease.

The movie takes place in the Roman Empire when it was spread all over the world and was invaded by Germanic tribes and many of the human actors had to fight humans in some battles. It was not a fun experience for any of the actors to do so. The actors were required to fight these human fighters with bare hands and were not permitted to wear helmets. They often got their hands and fingers cut off during this time. The only way to protect them was to use a thick metal headdress known as a gladiator helmet.

Hair and makeup of the actors have to be done very carefully for it was so easy to cut their head. There was no need to use hair products because the gladiator's hair was very thick. This made them very dirty and grubby and needed a lot of time for them to be prepared for their battle scene.

Unlike the previous film, which was a romantic story, Gladiator is a violent action film. There were fierce battles between the different type of gladiators. The action scenes are very thrilling. The movie has made a great deal of money by being in the box office record books.

In the movie, the villain is played by the Greek emperor, Commodus. He was a brutal leader who hated the Roman population of the time. He also hated all gladiators. He forced them to fight one another to control the population of the arena.

The movie was released two years after the American Civil War. So, the violence in the movie is a little exaggerated. However, it's a great story and the actors do an excellent job of portraying the characters they are given. The movie is entertaining and is set in a vast desert.

The movie is a good watch for both adults and children alike. It is based on the Gladiator novel by William Christie and the story is told in the first person narration.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama

Duration: 155min

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