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The Green Mile

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The Green Mile is a great movie that has been making waves on the American film industry. This movie has received a lot of positive reviews and it is believed to be one of the best and most original TV shows ever made. So when looking for an online DVD, you need to find a selection that suits your tastes.

In The Green Mile, Tom Hanks plays Jimmy Doyle who is being executed in the electric chair for the murder of his wife. The only way for him to have his life back, he must prove his innocence, especially since a lawyer from his past is also representing him. The famous slogan from the movie is: "The guilty must answer". Therefore, one of the most important things you need to do is to find a selection that suits your taste.

The main points of the movie are the characters, plot, and themes. Tom Hanks portrays the character of Jimmy Doyle as a man who tried to resolve his many conflicts with love and trust. He has a hard time trusting other people and even refuses to go to the jail with his loved ones. Hence, he never wants to ask to be released.

Plot-wise, the movie is based on the story of a man who was a convicted murderer whose death row was set to be executed. He was tried again and finally, he was found innocent. On the day he would have been executed, the last thing that he said was: "I'd rather do five years in prison than one life for murder".

Theme-wise, The Green Mile is a fantastic movie that depicts the importance of forgiveness. Most of the characters are victims of their own mistakes and they need to learn to forgive and be forgiving towards others. You can see this in almost all the characters in the movie.

Downloading a DVD from the Internet is not that easy as you may think. It has to be protected because it is on a picture disc. If you decide to go ahead with it, you will need to buy a specialised software to protect the disc from attacks from viruses.

There are many things to think about when going to an online store to buy a DVD. The first thing that you should do is to determine what kind of physical disc that you want to get and if it is also digital. Also check out the price and select a provider that gives you a discount if you buy from them through the internet.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Fantasy

Duration: 189min

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