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Fight Club

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The Fight Club movie is a novel and exciting drama, directed by David Fincher, that provides an engaging blend of dark and cerebral. The main character is Tyler Durden, who has no place to turn except to the world of the cybernetic living. He starts to dig deeply into the cybernetic life and comes up with a scheme that could mean the end of his existing life. On the verge of committing suicide, he receives help from his friends, but they are not the only ones that could help him out.

A film which is very visually presented is sure to mesmerize the viewers. The movie uses some dynamic scenes to add to the beauty of the scenes. Even though the story revolves around the contemporary society, some scenes of the past and the future are also featured in the movie. As a novel, the plot moves at a brisk pace. The pacing is very good, keeping the excitement level high for all the viewers.

Even though the characters of the movie are not so believable as in the book, the Fight Club movies also follow the basic ideas of the novel. They have the same amount of action, romance, and action and horror elements, while adding some twists to make it even more exciting. These movies are set in a future wherein the economy is completely broke, so the story lines are varied and there are plenty of twists and turns in between.

The movie also has good pacing, due to the novel's creation and the incredible task of writing it. It is one of the most challenging books of all time, and the author needed some good amount of motivation in order to complete it. Though the movie shows some portions of the novel, it does not take any shortcuts, keeping the story firmly in place.

The novel is written in a way that the readers can visualize what Tyler is going through in the film. They have the physical experience of Tyler's predicament, as the author has much better writing than that of a screenwriter. This makes it easier for the viewers to understand and relate to the story. This makes the movie one of the best Action movies.

The fight club movies also show that being alone and isolated from the world is not so bad after all. The main character of the movie was a lonely person, who felt like he is on the losing side of the argument, and try to find his place in the world, but eventually overcame all his problems.

This movie had some intense moments, and although the main character is not very heroic, his actions and choices were what drove the plot to its most important events. There are many people who would love to have been in the shoes of this guy. If you would like to try out your skills in writing, you can always check out the Fight Club novel and see if you can build on the plot and characters.

The Fight Club movie does have some flaws, like some awkward scenes and long pauses, but its awesome action scenes and writing are worth the viewing experience. It is a must watch for all the fans of the book, and is an excellent replacement to the movie. For those of you who don't want to get involved with the book, go see the movie for yourself.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 139min

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