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Disclosure is the procedure of making known to the general public certain facts about a person, organization, institution, or even a product or service. The general purpose of this act is to ensure that the business or organization does not undertake activities which are harmful to the general welfare of the society. Proper disclosure by organizations is the only method of ensuring that its clients, investors, and other people involved in dealings with the business are aware of relevant facts. It can also be used as a tool for building public relations and credibility among the people and other institutions.

The importance of proper disclosure is illustrated by the simple example given above. Suppose you are a creditor of a particular bank and in order to avail a loan from your loan amount, you are required to make certain representations regarding the present financial conditions of the bank. If you fail to provide correct information, you may end up forfeiting the entire loan amount. This may lead to a serious decline in your credit score. Or suppose an investor wants to buy some specific shares from your company, he must be told about the financial condition of the company so that he can decide whether to invest in it or not.

With the rapid growth of the finance industry and the increasing need for quick and accurate financial reports, the government has been repeatedly stressing upon the necessity for proper disclosures by businesses and organizations. Thus, the legislations have framed various disclosure requirements in the different sectors of the economy. Disclosures in the commercial sector include sales figures, balance sheet, operating cash flow, and other financial statements such as forecasted profits, payment of dividends, capital expenses, net income, and dividends earned per share. These disclosure statements are required to be made to the Securities and Exchange Commission by all corporate organizations in the United States irrespective of their nature of business.

While every business organization is required to disclose its financial condition, no business can operate effectively without the aid of investors. In order to attract investors to invest in the organization, it is mandatory for every organization to reveal the fact - its profit and loss statement, cash equivalents, and other economic conditions. Thus, it becomes imperative to comply with disclosure requirements and make timely and correct financial statements to the investors.

The basic purpose of the disclosure statements is to help the investors in making decisions about the business. The more the investors understand the nature, purpose, and goals of the organization, the more chances there are for them to purchase shares or join the board of directors. Thus, the managers of the organization need to make timely and correct announcements and disclosures about the nature, objectives, aims, and performance of the business. For this purpose, it is important to conduct regular research reports on the activities of the organization, obtain necessary information, and compare it with the forecasts and the previous year's figures to determine the progress and shortcomings.

One of the major advantages of conducting research reports is that they provide an opportunity to make corrections and other changes in the various aspects of the business. Thus, the managers can take the steps to improve and update the various disclosure statements. Besides, publishing the research reports provides a platform for discussing issues with the investors. The managers can also make general announcements about the performance of the organization and disclose information that may not have been revealed by the shareholders. Thus, the disclosure statement becomes an effective tool that increases the goodwill of the company.

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