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Daughter of Darkness 2

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Being one of the best horror movies of all time, Son of Darkness 2 by Richard Matheson and Robert Bevan is certainly a movie that has made a great impact in the horror genre. But how does it hold up after all these years? The answer lies in the fact that the movie has managed to live on to this day. A lot of people seem to be turned into fans of the movie because of its unique characters and story lines.

It doesn't matter whether you are a fan of horror movies or not, Son of Darkness 2 will definitely have something to appeal to everyone. But what exactly makes it so appealing? In this article, we are going to look at the few reasons why this movie is so great and can actually be considered as a cult classic.

For starters, the story of Son of Darkness 2 revolves around the daughter of the original writer, Robert K. Merlin. The daughter of Merlin is named Sarah, who had a bad reputation in her hometown. She was regarded as a bit mentally unstable and was known for her abuse of drugs and alcohol. However, there is no doubt that Sarah had immense courage and might in the face of adversity.

How the movie's idea came about is another reason why it is such a success. It seems like a straight-to-DVD movie because the producers don't waste time on additional animation or special effects. They simply stick to the plot and deliver a well-researched, entertaining and dark drama. The movie is based on a novel by Richard Matheson, which would have been shot during the late nineteen eighties.

It is interesting to note that even with the presence of this special effects, the movie still manages to entertain. The acting is excellent, and the movie is filled with dark humor and some shocking scenes. Although it contains graphic scenes of violence, it is something that people from all ages can relate to. It is definitely a family film with the involvement of several family members.

The many twists and turns that this movie takes along with the gradual reveal of the truth and the shocking moments to make it a film that is always worth watching. The acting talent present in the movie, all of whom were able to play very distinct characters, is quite impressive. The cast is also noteworthy because of its diversity. The woman portrayed by Constance M.A. is only 18 years old, but she has already achieved fame in the movie industry because of her ability to portray complex and conflicted characters.

As mentioned before, there is no way to determine the authenticity of the plot of the movie when looking at it as a cult classic. However, it does have a strong cult following. People who are fans of the movies including Star Wars, Rob Zombie and the like seem to find this movie very appealing. The story line, the supernatural elements and the multiple point of view to keep the movie interesting.

As you can see, Son of Darkness 2 is not just a scary movie but a well-researched and well-acted drama that leave you with a lasting impression. With its directorial debut, it is a definite hit. To conclude, this movie can really be considered as a cult classic because of its numerous flaws and eerie impact on the viewers.

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