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Schindler's List

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Spielberg, a real family man, and director of Schindler's List, once said, "History is written by the victors." That's the reason I was so excited to watch the movie. It is one of those movies that can make you think about the events of the past while watching. It is the story of a true tragedy in human history which lead to a better place for everyone and a better life for all of us.

There are many versions of the story. This one is known as the last part of the war. That is when the Holocaust happened. Schindler was one of the people responsible for saving many thousands of Jews in Europe. He had a group of six thousand Jews, whom he saved by selling them their belongings.

Richard Armitage played the role of Schindler. One of the main characters was the patriarch of the Leibish family, who has had a hard time coming to terms with the events in his life. Some of the other character were Horst Wessel, Heiner Rindermann, and the older Dr. Heinrich Kretschmer.

The movie was released in 1988. That's when my parents got to see it for the first time. My dad loved it.

The movie was so fun, entertaining, and emotional, that they watched it every day after school. I think that it was like an oasis for them, away from their troubles and frustration. One day my mom told me that she would give me a copy if I promised not to ever watch the movie again.

When I got a hold of the DVD, I immediately started watching the movie. I was almost in tears, because the movie made me feel the pain of the families who were victims of the Holocaust, and how they suffered.

Schindler's List was a movie that affected me so much, that it made me want to help others who were in pain like the Leibish family. I want to do that, and bring positive changes to people's lives. To this end, I am now working as a corporate consultant.

However, that is only because I found the Schindler's List movie. Other famous movie makers are no longer as lucky as I was to have found the Schindler's List movie. Other famous movies are considered classics, even though they are nothing compared to the Schindler's List movie. I am thankful that I found it, so that I could actually help someone else to find what I went through and then help them feel better.

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Genres: Drama , History , War

Duration: 195min

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