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Geronimo: An American Legend

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Watch Geronimo: an American Legend now in its third installment. The film is an amazing recreation of the real historical event involving the legendary Geronimo in the "Geronimo Campaign."

This is the third time in the series that an American hero was brought into this story. The first time was in the first part of the movie, The Spirit of the West, in which Geronimo's father, Utes, is brought in as a guest of President Grant during the presidential campaign. Grant becomes convinced that the legend of Geronimo, who was supposedly a leader of the Apache tribe who went into battle with an army of soldiers, is true and goes on to make Geronimo a full-fledged national hero. This leads to the second installment, Geronimo, which is scheduled for release next year.

The American Hero, also known as the Geronimos of America, was the first tribe of Native Americans to receive a full reservation from the government as a way of making things better for them. A Geronime war chief who led his troops against the military during the early part of the 1800's, he was caught and killed by the soldiers who believed he had some form of supernatural powers.

His head was placed on a pole outside the reservation and then a war chief was chosen to lead the Geronime people. Because he did not have supernatural powers, he has to rely heavily on other sources of power, most importantly the knowledge of the surrounding area. In addition to the legend of Geronima, this film also adds to the story of the Utes who were also invited to join the American effort in the beginning stages of the American reservation system.

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Genres: History , Western

Duration: 115min

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