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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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The sequel to the most beloved Christmas movie of all time, Home Alone is the story of Kevin McCallister (Danny DeVito) and his family, as they try to protect their home from being robbed by two thieves who have been after the same house for years. The film is based on the book of the same name written by the author of the novel, Roger Price. The film was directed by Don Simpson, with a screenplay by Donald Payne. Since its release in 1998, it has achieved legendary status.

The film follows the McCallister family as they get into numerous and minor characters' lives, and many of the scenes involving their neighbors are just priceless. Even the storyline of the family's subsequent fate adds some drama to the proceedings. The best moments in the film occur when Kevin and his family have to watch helplessly as the major characters break into their home and steal many of their possessions.

One of the things that makes this movie so timeless is the fact that it offers a lot of humor. It has nothing to do with Home Alone's main character Kevin, rather the character's inability to say the word "No" is the root cause of the entire plot. Although he is a real tough guy, Kevin doesn't seem to be able to resist the temptation of stealing something - anything - so it's up to the rest of the characters to keep him from falling into a certain temptation.

The movie also has a lot of clever references, some of which have been picked up and used by other movies since then. Some famous jokes that can be found in the film include the "Lick my feet, Sir" story about Kevin and his two friends, the line "Is it raining cats and dogs" which is often used by Kevin's friends when they try to fool the McCallister's neighbors, and many others. In addition, the fact that it contains no original screenplay adds to the popularity of the movie. Because of its unique and innovative plot, the movie has been likened to some of the classic films of the 1950s, namely those of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. One of the more interesting aspects of the movie is that the main character, Kevin, is a dead ringer for one of those characters. The character's habit of making petty mistakes is very similar to the character known as Dr. Jekyll in a few of Chaplin's films.

Despite the simple plot, Home Alone also manages to make many more references to the popular series of the same name. There are numerous references to the series in the film such as the car alarm that Kevin uses to call his father, that Kevin's grandfather had a bad temper, that Kevin's mother likes to "get her hands dirty" like she did when she worked at the dentist, and of course, the infamous line "Happy Christmas, Grandpa!" And speaking of the series, the family's journey in New York City and the subsequent escape from the city is very similar to that which goes on in the Home Alone series.

Many of the features and sequences from the series are also used in the movie, especially the scene where Kevin's grandfather throws out the lottery tickets with the winning numbers and the chase scene when Kevin gets to London to find out the whereabouts of Kevin's parents. There are many memorable scenes as well. The excellent music of the series, the unforgettable lyrics by the famous British singer, and the love and friendship between Kevin and his father are all present in the movie.

Home Alone has been described as one of the best Christmas movies ever made, and is undoubtedly the best thing to come out of the TV series Home Alone. It is an excellent Christmas movie, and without a doubt will remain one of the best Christmas movies for years to come.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family

Duration: 120min

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