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Shipwrecked is a Norwegian film written by OV Falck Ytter, which was screened in nineteen ninety, directed by Nils Gaup and produced by John M. Jacobsen.

In this production we find the performances of the young actor Stian Smestad; Gabriel Byrne; Trond Peter Stamso; Louisa Milwood Haigh; Knut Walle and Harald Brenna.

This film tells the adventures of a young sailor who out of necessity had to assume responsibilities that did not correspond to him for his young age; After the death of his father faced all kinds of challenges to survive a long way.

We are located in eighteen fifty; a young man named Haakon Haakonsen and his father embark on a ship for a long work trip; The young man is appointed cabin officer, along with them travels an old family friend, Jens.

The father of the young man is seriously injured and cannot continue the journey; Young Haakosen has no choice but to continue, he must do it for his family; Jens becomes his great support, he is like an older brother to him, he helps him with the life of a sailor and his customs, earning the respect of the rest of the crew.

Upon arriving at the Australian port and disembarking, they are notified that when a British officer named Howell will depart, they will be joined; this new crew member is an expert in pirate safety; This new officer climbs aboard an arsenal of weapons clandestinely and is discovered by the young Haakon, immediately tries to persuade him not to warn the captain.

However, the young man did not have time to warn his captain; he died mysteriously poisoned, and the strange Howell is named captain because he is the highest-ranking officer aboard the ship, when the newly appointed captain touches the ship again, a group of sailors who make up his trusted crew enters the ship.

While Haakon gets a cop on the ship, the infiltrate is called Mary, and for the little cabin officer it was love at first sight. Under Howell's command and in the company of the newly arrived sailors, living together inside the ship becomes a nightmare; Haakon, Jens and the rest of the sailors are desperate to leave the trip.

In the middle of the ocean the Captain finds the young cop Mary, and summons everyone to the deck; demands that if someone knew about its existence and hid it from a step forward, Haakon in honor of the love he feels for her decided bravely to take responsibility for what happened; Howell's pulse does not tremble, nor does he care about the age of the sailor and condemns him to be whipped by treason.

Jens and the old sailors strongly oppose, but the ruthless captain increases the punishment and orders Jens to apply it; at that moment the sky turns dark gray a terrible storm falls on them sinking the ship.

Thanks to the storm the young man manages to escape and ends up in a desert islet; when he finds it, he finds a hidden treasure belonging to a group of pirates, and in it a poster of the authorities asking for the capture of the Merrick, which is none other than the impostor Captain Howell.

During his stay on the island he is attacked by a gorilla, he reacts quickly and sounds a horn he found, which calms the ape and makes him tame; As the days go by Haakon adopts him as his pet, and they establish a strong bond.

Haakon Haakonsen must face many difficulties, and they will all leave him a great teaching that will allow him to move forward and return home; He will not give up in the face of adversity and will know the value of life.

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Genres: Adventure , Family

Duration: 92min

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