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Big Trouble in Little China

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The Big Trouble in Little China is an action and comedy movie dating from 1986; it was directed by John Carpenter, produced by Larry J. Franco and written by screenwriter Gary Goldman.

Cinta stars Kurt Russell, Dennis Dun, and the beautiful Canadian actress with British roots Kim Victoria Cattral.

The fantasy comedy is set in the San Francisco Chinatown, which is frequented by Jack Burton, an arrogant truck driver who doesn't seem to care about anything and just looks for fun, including beers, women and games of chance.

One day Jack plays mahjong with his friend Wang Chi in his restaurant, luck is on his side, redoubling the bet and winning the game, and a good sum of money is credited; the Asian must look for his fiancee at the airport, the young Miao Yin; Burton believes that Wang will get away with it and won't pay him, so he decides to accompany him to the airport.

Once there, Wang Chi realizes that the Chinese pad the masters of death are hanging around the area, suddenly a group of them try to kidnap a girl who is at the airport to sell her as a sex slave; Jack and Wang try to prevent it, so the gang looks for another objective and they take the newcomer Miao Yin.

Both chase gang members to an alley in Chinatown, where they are blocked by the burial of a respectable head of household; it is about the Chang Sing, but the problems are not long in coming and their Wing Kong rivals unleash a terrible fight; suddenly the fearsome individuals nicknamed the three storms appear, these subjects possess human abilities and have the ability to manipulate the weather, they are Rain, Thunder and Lightning.

The trio ends the dispute and eliminates the Chang Sing; frightened by what they see, Jack starts his truck at full speed, on his way he runs over a poor and decrepit old man, Burton stops the truck and gets off to help the poor man; but he finds that the old man is standing as if nothing had happened, rejuvenated and emanating a magical glow.

Without any other remedy they must leave the truck if they wish to survive, Jack and Wang run between the alleys and manage to reach the restaurant; there they meet members of the community, who try to explain what happened; Egg Shen, Wang's uncle and an expert in fighting black magic and the mysteries of the powerful old man who was hit by Jack, David Lo Pan.

 The stubborn driver doesn't want to know anything about Chinese magic, nor powers over humans, he just wants to get his truck back; together they design a plan to recover Miao Yin and tell Jack that his truck is owned by the powerful David Lo Pan, and to recover it they must defeat him first.

They manage to sneak into one of the brothels that the Chinese mafia handles, there is Wang's young fiancee; but minutes before being able to rescue it, the three storms appear; who with their skills destroy the place and taking the girl with them.

Things get more and more complicated, Egg Shen discovers that a curse falls on David Lo Pan which will only be broken if he sacrifices a pure young woman with green eyes like the emerald; Wang and Jack must enter the domains of Lo Pan, defeat the three storms and face the powerful sorcerer if they want to save the young woman and recover the truck.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 99min

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