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When it comes to movies, you can't really go wrong with any of the six films in the series. The first film, Ghostbusters, is actually about a group of paranormal investigators who need to team up for their mission. The second film is a completely different story, but it features a great villain in the form of Dr. Venkman and it is actually the series' best film.

The third film, The Ghost Writer, picks up where the first reboot left off. The movie focuses on Egon Spengler, who works for the newly formed Department of Energy in New York City.

The fourth film, The Real Ghostbusters, is about Peter Venkman and his brother Ray. This one focuses on the younger generation of Ghostbusters and it is directed by the late Harold Ramis. The film stars Bill Murray as Peter Venkman's father, Ray, and Dan Aykroyd as Ray's twin brother, Egon. Their characters, which were a lot more interesting in the original, have been drastically changed and even the source material for this film is awful.

The fifth and final film in the popular film franchise is the sixth movie, The Backyard Ghostbusters. Directed by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, this one stars Bill Murray as a science teacher and his assistant and is less funny than the others, but it is still a pretty good movie.

For a television show, it has been reasonably well received by the online crowd. However, I can't say that I agree with the concept or anything that they are selling. It is a spoof of a series that doesn't even exist and they should at least try to make the show feel like it has some kind of weight.

If you want a high quality science fiction series that can be shown on network television, then the show is actually quite good. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still under the impression that the show is a rip-off of the successful movie franchise.

I have only watched the first two seasons of the series, but I am fairly impressed with the storyline. Even though it isn't exactly as good as the original, I do enjoy watching the series. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the series has some redeeming qualities.

I will admit that I haven't watched the series in quite a while, but I know that I will revisit it soon. Whether or not I will be able to view this Ghostbusters reboot online will likely depend on how many new fan theories I read about it.

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