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The Godfather

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The Godfather was one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. It was groundbreaking in its time and had incredible scenes that stuck with me and will never be able to be topped.

My first view of the movie was at my friend's house, when I was about five years old. We watched it on a VHS tape, at the end of which my mom asked me why I was not playing with my dolls. That question stuck with me as an adult.

My mother is the one who gave me the permission to watch the movie with me. She says that she is in the dark about it too. So, I was spared a lot of my childhood because my friends didn't want to know about this film. But I was very much impressed with the movie and wanted to learn more about it.

The Godfather is a movie based on an Italian drama written by Mario Puzo. It follows the life of Richard (Vincent Piazza), a criminal who finds himself the head of a Sicilian mafia group and ultimately the kingpin of the family.

Throughout the movie, he has to fend off rival Mafia families that are closing in on him as his reign over the family begins to come to an end. Eventually, all of the rival Mafia families are eliminated from the mafia, and in their place, a new leader emerges: Paulie, played by Al Pacino.

Paulie is a good man, a Roman Catholic, but he has some unfinished business in New York City, where he intends to buy out the Mafia families' organization in the city. At the same time, he is also hunting down the Mob boss Sonny and wants to get his hands on the money Sonny has stashed away. These two ends of the story are separate but inter-related in the final act. Pacino is a master actor. When he was still a child, he was discovered by director Francis Ford Coppola, who put him through acting classes so that he could be ready for his role in the Godfather. His acting skills were later on used in films like The Godfather Part II and Apocalypse Now.

The Godfather is a very good movie, and I have always enjoyed seeing it. When I go back to watch it again, I'm sure that I'll enjoy the show even more.

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Genres: Crime , Drama

Duration: 175min

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