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King Kong vs. Godzilla

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King Kong vs. Godzilla is a damn good Toho film, a classic that has stood the test of time. With the cast composed of such Hollywood veterans as John Hurt, Kurt Russell, and George Peppard, King Kong vs. Godzilla stands tall amongst the ranks of the greatest Godzilla movies to date. The storyline surrounds King Kong, who has awakened from his centuries-long hibernation, and is coming to attack mankind once again. To save his people, he sends his son Kong in search of an uncharted island where he can fight off the creature. Along the way, he encounters different species including a giant monster and some rather surprising human beings - and gets himself killed...

For those unfamiliar with the plot, here's a quick refresher: When Godzilla awakens from his slumber, he finds himself stranded on an island with a mysterious giant creature (arguably better known as King Kong), who resides there and rules the area with an iron fist. Intent on protecting the earth, Godzilla orders his army of Surveyors to go and investigate the island - which they do... and discover a huge crater on the surface of the island. Upon discovering this, Godzilla gets turned into a monster form - and a battle of epic proportions ensues. It's up to Godzilla and his allies to defeat King Kong and stop his diabolical plot. The plot involves all sorts of other familiar faces from the Godzilla films (including a few not so familiar ones), as well as some brand new characters.

One key aspect of King Kong vs. Godzilla for those interested in Godzilla trivia is the titular island itself, which was re-used in both the Godzilla films and the subsequent Japanese movie version. In both films, the island became a place where Godzilla and his friends would train to fight monsters (in the case of the Japanese movie, where the island was called Konga). The island was also home to a giant tree that would house Godzilla and his forces. However, in the North American version of King Kong vs. Godzilla, the tree is simply called "The Tower." The reason for this is that in the Japanese version, King Kong destroys the top of the Japanese Empire's buildings and so the" Tower" is simply replaced by "The Tower."

Speaking of the Japanese version of King Kong vs. Godzilla, one of the differences between the two is the manner in which King Kong communicates. In both films, the titular King Kong communicates mostly through his trademark roar, but in the Japanese version, King Kong communicates with something that no living human can: the egg sac that he constructs by stuffing his own tail inside a whale (which is called the hunk). In addition to the unique sound, the Japanese film version of King Kong also uses a voice-overs made by Keizo Otsuka and Yuichiro Nagashima (the only voice-overs from this film which are still intact in the English subtitles). Additionally, the plot of King Kong vs. Godzilla revolves around the destruction of Godzilla by King Kong, who in the Japanese version is destroyed completely.

With a plot that includes the destruction of a huge portion of Japan, King Kong vs. Godzilla manages to be both a classic and a popular movie, largely due to its adherence to the classic Godzilla motif, as well as the visual treats provided by the Godzilla movies. The original King Kong was an enormous giant, who roamed the ocean floor, attacking ships with his enormous bulk and the ability to shake a country off its feet. Thanks to this giant monster, King Kong has become one of the most iconic creatures from the Godzilla series and the Japanese filmmakers who made this film (including Toho, the company that produced Godzilla) made sure that the King Kong concept would be carried over into the sequel, King Kong vs. Godzilla. King Kong vs. Godzilla was a huge hit in theaters across the globe, making Toho and the Japanese creators want to make another movie based on the same concept.

Godzilla vs. King Kong is not without its flaws. Despite its popularity, there were complaints about the length of the film, which was a bit short compared to other Godzilla films (with some complaints coming from Toho itself). Some people also felt that the visual treats provided by Godzilla vs. King Kong were a bit overdone, while Keizo Otsuka did provide a solid script for the project. Overall, this is a highly recommended film (especially if you have not seen the classic Godzilla films) but one that may not be the best King Kong vs. Godzilla movie for you.

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